Overwatch for Switch confirmed Nintendo Direct leak

Recently, an Overwatch Switch case officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment emerged on — and was then swiftly removed from — Amazon. The peculiar sight strongly suggested that the hero shooter would finally be making its way to Nintendo Switch, and… yeah, apparently that’s the case. Via anonymous sources, Kotaku is reporting that Overwatch for Switch is real, that the game will be officially announced at today’s Nintendo Direct, and that it will likely release on Oct. 15 in North America and Oct. 18 for Europe.

Some of you guys might be upset that we’re reporting on information that is going to be confirmed later in the day anyway, and I sympathize with that position. But Overwatch for Switch in particular is a case of “worst kept secret,” so we hope you’ll forgive us in sharing Kotaku’s wickedly effective reporting here.

Overwatch originally released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24, 2016, though it feels like a lot longer ago. The game’s competitive scene has had its ups and downs, and in particular, the GOATS composition arguably almost ruined the game’s watchability altogether by making so many matches feel the same. Recent format changes have given the game a new lease on life, which makes this a good time to jump on Overwatch for Switch.


John Friscia
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