Dragon Quest I, II, III Asia release has English language support

According to a Facebook post by “Square Enix Asia,” Dragon Quest I, II, and III will release together on the Switch in Asia with traditional Chinese, Korean, and English language options. The revamped re-releases of the classic NES RPGs were announced previously for Japan during the Nintendo Direct on Sept. 4, albeit only in the Japanese Direct. The games will release on Sept. 27 in Japan, the same day as Dragon Quest XI S on Switch, but the release date for other Asian regions on the Facebook page is generally listed as 2019.

Games releasing in Asia with English is not out of the ordinary, albeit with vastly varying levels of quality. The Super Robot Wars series has done this sort of thing for years now, for instance. Most of the time the games are available for import via online retailers like Play-Asia. Physical release aside though, since Switch isn’t region-locked, you should be able to buy these games by making a second account set to a region that will have the game in its eShop.

There is currently no news of these Dragon Quest titles releasing in North America. However, the Dragon Quest series is approaching peak popularity thanks to Dragon Quest XI S, meaning all hope is not lost. If a full English localization is in the works, it’s hard to imagine Square Enix would pass up the chance to release it for all of the series’s new fans.

Update: NintendoSoup is reporting that Maxsoft, Nintendo’s product distributor for Southeast Asia and the Middle East, is corroborating these details.


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