Gogeta SSGSS release date Sept. 26 Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 2

According to V-Jump and as translated by the usual suspects, Gogeta SSGSS (or, more clearly, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta) will come to Dragon Ball FighterZ on Sept. 26, just a little over a week from now. This comes after Janemba joined the fight back on Aug. 8. FighterZ Pass 2 content is almost wrapped up now.

Additional details about Gogeta SSGSS’s move set have emerged with the news. His special attack will be God Punisher, which hits the enemy with an energy blast followed by oodles more wrathful energy blasts. With an extra button press, you can unleash a rainbow-colored Stardust Breaker blast that explodes for big damage.

His Meteor Attack is, appropriately, Meteor Explosion, which begins with a dash punch that leads into a series of hits on the opponent. When at least two Ki bars are filled, the attack ends with Gogeta’s strongest Kamehameha, which outlets are describing as “Ultimate Kamehameha” but is probably more accurately Full-Force Kamehameha. Of course, goofy made-up names aren’t that big a deal either way.

Lastly, Gogeta SSGSS will have a Dramatic Finish when facing Janemba.

Following the release of Gogeta SSGSS, all that remains in FighterZ Pass 2 is Broly from Dragon Ball Super, a more sympathetic take on the character. Now, if we could just toss in Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta from Dragon Ball GT too, all would be right in the world.

John Friscia
Proofs Editor for Enthusiast Gaming. I'm a writer who loves Super Nintendo and Japanese role-playing games to an impractical degree. I have recently returned from living in South Korea.

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