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Fans of narrative-driven games with a cyberpunk flair will be in for a treat soon. Neo Cab, the sci-fi indie story experience about a cab driver uncovering the secrets of their city that we previewed at E3 2019, is set to release on Oct. 3 on Nintendo Switch.

Initially revealed back at the E3 PC Gaming Show in 2018, Neo Cab has been a promising prospect from day one. The aesthetic is sharp, with neon lights and hues of crisp blue flooding against beautiful characters rendered in an almost-comic book style.

Players will control Lina, a human cab driver in a futuristic society where most cabs are automated. You’re trying to make ends meet, but you’re also trying to connect the dots on the disappearance of your closest friend. You’ll need to choose your passengers, and the way you engage with them, wisely in order to learn about them and potentially uncover clues to your own mystery.

You’ll need to be careful with how your interactions go in Neo Cab, though. Lina’s mood will shift based on how she engages with her passengers and their responses to her. Plus, you’ll need to keep track of your financial situation and maintain your five-star driving rating all at the same time.

There’s a widely branching narrative to Neo Cab, with a series of stories written by authors like Leigh Alexander, Kim Belair, Bruno Dias, Duncan Fyfe, Paula Rogers, and Robin Sloan.

Neo Cab is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99 on Oct. 3, but there is a pre-load discount to make it $17.99.


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