Link's Awakening trading quest guide: Yoshi Doll, bananas, stick

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has a lengthy trading quest in which you trade one thing for another, and it’s not clear what the end result of it all will be. You are supposed to complete this quest to get the Magnifying Lens in order to be able to finish the game, and some parts of the trading quest are required in order to continue the story at all. Fortunately, this quick little guide will make it easy to know where to go and with whom to trade! So if you’ve been holding on to the Yoshi Doll or Bananas for too long, we’ve got you covered.

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Item #1 – Yoshi Doll: You can win the Yoshi Doll by playing Trendy Game (the crane game) in the bottom-right corner of Mabe Village. Give this item to Mamasha, who lives in the long house at the top of town. She will give you a Ribbon.

Item #2 – Ribbon: Give the Ribbon to CiaoCiao, the little Chain Chomp living in the side of a house in the middle of Mabe Village. CiaoCiao gives you Dog Food.

Item #3 – Dog Food: Give the Dog Food to Sale, the alligator (crocodile?) dude living in the house at Toronbo Shores (the beach). He will give you Bananas. You may have to wait a bit from here before you can continue the trading quest.

Item #4 – Bananas: Give the Bananas to Kiki the Monkey, southeast of Kanalet Castle. (This is not the monkey at the beach who tries to murder you!) Kiki and friends will build you a bridge as thanks, and you will receive a leftover Stick.

trading quest bananas Kiki the Monkey

Item #5 – Stick: In Ukuku Prairie, talk to Tarin at the tree with the beehive, which is above the giant skull you had to blow up with a bomb earlier. Shenanigans will ensue, and you will end up with the Honeycomb in your possession.

Item #6 – Honeycomb: Give the Honeycomb to Chef Bear in the southeastern house of the Animal Village. You will receive a Pineapple (of course) for the trading quest.

Item #7 – Pineapple: Give the Pineapple to Papahl up in Tal Tal Mountain Range at this location (or just look at the picture at the top of the article). You will receive a Hibiscus.

Item #8 – Hibiscus: Give the Hibiscus to Christine, the goat in the second-to-last home on the top right of the Animal Village. You will receive a Letter. This is the easiest part of the trading quest since you know exactly what to do from here.

Item #9 – Letter: Give the Letter to Mr. Write, who lives in the house west of Goponga Swamp and north of the Mysterious Forest. You will receive a Broom.

Item #10 – Broom: Give the Broom to Grandma Yahoo in Mabe Village outside of Old Man Ulrira’s house. You will receive a Fishing Hook.

Item #11 – Fishing Hook: Swim to the southeast corner of Martha’s Bay and go under the bridge to find the Fisherman. Give the Fishing Hook to the Fisherman to receive a Necklace.

Item #12 – Necklace: In the middle of Martha’s Bay, give the Necklace to the Mermaid who appears on the rock (directly north of the Catfish’s Maw dungeon entrance in the water). You will receive a Scale.

Item #13 – Scale: Take the Scale to the Mourning Mermaid statue directly south of the Catfish’s Maw dungeon entrance. Under the statue, you will discover the Magnifying Lens, the final item in the trading quest.

Yoshi Doll Mourning Mermaid Scale Link's Awakening

Item #14 – Magnifying Lens: This item lets you read the “Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint” book in the southeast corner of Mabe Village Library. This book reveals the precise path you must take inside the Wind Fish’s Egg in order to trigger the final battle. (If you already know the path, you don’t need the Magnifying Glass to finish the game.) The Magnifying Lens also has additional uses, such as getting secret seashells from people in the Animal Village. And you should really go check out that cave at Toronbo Shores to see what you might uncover there too.

Magnifying Glass Wind Fish's Egg solution

We hope you have found this The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening trading quest guide useful! Next up, check out this guide on how to trade in your Green Tunic for Red Mail or Blue Mail faster than the game intended.

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