Pokémon GO Adventure Week

Much like Pokémon Sun and Moon, the upcoming Sword and Shield games will have regional variants of already established Pokémon. Since Pokémon GO is still a relatively big deal, we’ll undoubtedly see these Galarian forms come to the mobile game at some point in time. But the popular mobile title might be getting its second taste of the Galar region sooner than you think.

With the help of some data miners, we now know the latest Pokémon GO update makes references to both Galar and Galarian forms. Future updates will likely introduce the new forms of Weezing, Zigzagoon, and Linoone. Additionally, we could possibly discover new Galarian forms when Game Freak holds its special 24-hour live stream.

For now, we can only speculate on how many new forms we may see and which ones might be coming to the game. Personally, I want to see more Sinnoh Pokémon get new forms. I’m sure you could slap a knight’s armor on any Sinnoh Pokémon and make the fans go wild. Although, that thought might be a little uninspired.

What do you guys expect to come to Pokémon GO? How many more creatures do you think will have Galarian forms? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Adam Sherrill
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