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Nintendo has published plenty of classic titles throughout its tenure. Their catalog is rife with multiplayer classics, hidden gems, and breathtaking games that define the medium. A whole slew of Nintendo games hold up beautifully, too, and are just as fun to play now as they were the day they came out. Over time, we’ve all settled on some favorites, but I’m willing to bet that we all have a title or two we revisit more than the rest. That’s what I’d like to talk about today. What is your most replayed Nintendo game?

As far as the Nintendo game whose single-player I’ve gone through the most, it’s Star Fox 64 by a mile. I’ve played the game start to finish well over 200 times between the N64 original and the amazingly convenient 3DS remake. A lot of that is because it only takes about 45 minutes to beat, but even by pure hours played, Star Fox 64 is almost certainly my most played Nintendo game. (My hours upon hours of blue coin hunting in Super Mario Sunshine may give it a run for its money, though.)

The colorful, exhilarating rail-shooting is one of the only reasons I still carry my 3DS around. Whether I’m trying for a high score or just going through the motions and enjoying the action, Star Fox 64 is always a pure joy to play, and I can say with authority that it absolutely never gets old. Seriously, I’d have found out by now. I’ve been playing it almost my entire life.

What Nintendo game have you replayed the most? Are you a Star Fox fiend like me? Is there a shorter SNES game that you pull out every rainy day? Are you a dedicated member of the cult of Breath of the Wild? Let me know in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
Reviews Editor at Nintendo Enthusiast. I am a major fan of all consoles and eras. Follow me on Twitter @habitablestorm3 to watch me tweet about the many old games I love to spend time with.

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