As any logical human being could tell you, the 3DS hardware team are eventually going to release an updated version of the 3DS hardware. But, at least, now we have it in rumor from Nikkei Trendy magazine that it is currently being worked upon with three goals in mind:

1. Improve the internal firmware’s transition between menu screens so it will be quicker.

2. Extend the longevity of the battery life.

3. Make the model slimmer/thinner.


If I might add a fourth logical conclusion:

4. Add a second circle pad so we don\’t have to use the enormous Circle Pad Pro.

The rumors certainly make sense. I wouldn\’t mind a quicker transition between menu screens and the system definitely needs a longer battery life. Newer technology would mean that Nintendo could replace existing parts with smaller versions, allowing for a bigger battery and a thinner system. None of this warrants much surprise.

What is more interesting to me would be the timing of Nintendo. Much of the \”game\” of success in the industry comes down to timing. Nintendo stifled the Playstation Vita’s much-hyped launch in Japan with a few timely drops of their gaming atom-bombs. Two Mario games is a hard deal to compete with for anyone. And the Vita couldn\’t garner as much attention and sales as the surging Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. No doubt, releasing an enhanced version of the 3DS too early would be a bad move because it would frustrate fans who recently purchased the clunkier model. Better would be to time its release as a boon towards a hyped Vita release game. For example, they could announce it in the days leading up to Vita’s launch in North America to steal some of the thunder and put a question mark into the minds\’ of potential Vita-customers.

A well-timed release of a 3DS Lite along with an anticipated first party game release (Luigi’s Mansion, anyone?) would help the 3DS to really solidify itself as the major contender in the handheld arena, much like its predecessor, the DS.



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