Bertil Hörberg of Gunman Clive fame, Christopher Arnold of Nami Tentou, and Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid have chimed in further on the difficulty of making games on Wii U, after an article about early Wii U development sparked earlier reactions.

Bertil’s comment may have been missed by most when it 1st came out, but having verified it directly, let me share the details. Bertil says he wasn\’t there at launch, but having recently committed to making a game on the system, he vouches that setting up the developer environment and getting the code working is now a straightforward process.

Chris Arnold was even more vociferous, outright calling said article clickbait to get the Nintendoom wheel running again. He also testifies that the SDK kit developers have been receiving after the system’s release do not contain any of the listed problems, and Nintendo has made the effort to make the system’s API understandable and useful to developers. Furthermore, he points out that none of these issues are endemic to Wii U, as programming has always been a case of time trial-and-error.

Lastly, Jools continued to floor questions regarding the subject, pointing out (to a fellow developer) that Renegade Kid has now ported Mutant Mudds to Wii U, 3DS, Vita, iOS, PSN and Steam, and they did not find development any more difficult on Wii U than on other platforms.


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