The Nintendo Switch is a fabulous bit of kit. It may not have the power that my Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro have but I’ve yet to play any Switch games thinking that the resolution isn’t high enough or that the graphics aren’t up to scratch. I love the portability of the system and the way that I can just pick it up out of the dock and carry on with my game when my wife wants to watch TV. The pro controller is up there with the Xbox One controller which, in my opinion, is the best on the market. As much as I love the system, it’s nearly always possible to improve things though. Here are 5 little improvements that I’d love to the system that could make a big difference for some gamers.

Improve the kickstand
One of the biggest complaints I have heard about the Switch hardware is the kickstand. While I applaud Nintendo for including one on the system, if you’re going to have one on there, it really should work. I know I’m not the only one who has had the console slip over when playing split-screen while out and about. Any gust of wind, or even a hamster sneezing, will cause the system to crash to the surface. This can also happen if there’s any sort of vibration to the surface that it’s on. I do wonder whether it would work better if they had it opening out horizontally rather than vertically. Whatever they do though would surely be an improvement on the stand as it is now.

Add an ethernet port to the dock
I still find it incredible that this wasn’t included from the start, but I would love to see an ethernet port included on the dock for the Switch. It is possible to connect your system through a wired connection but it uses an adaptor that plugs into the USB socket. This isn’t always convenient, though, as you may want to charge your pro controller or use some other sort of USB peripheral. There can’t be much difference in the manufacturing cost between including one on the dock or supplying a USB adaptor. I would be so much better to be able to just plug the ethernet cable in and forget about it. This could be such a cheap and easy fix for Nintendo yet would significantly simplify some Switch owners lives.

Include an audio output on the dock
While we’re talking about the dock, I would love for there to be an audio out socket, preferably an optical port. This is probably because I’m a bit of an audiophile but I’d like to have more options with the audio from the system. Obviously, if you are using an amplifier capable of HDMI switching then it can easily provide you with lossless surround sound. Adding an alternative output just gives other options for people who aren’t so lucky or don’t have space for such a setup. Maybe Nintendo should put out a ‘pro dock’ which includes an ethernet port as well as a couple of audio out options. They could even put a couple of extra USB connections on it.

Cheaper Controller options
The controllers for Switch, particularly the pro controller, really are great but, boy, are they pricey. The reason for the high cost is there is a huge amount of technology in them. Alongside the obvious things like the motion controls and HD rumble, there’s also near field communication technology and an infrared depth sensor. How about releasing a cheaper version of the pro controller that doesn’t have any of this stuff in. Just give me the basic controls (no motion), a basic rumble feature, and nothing else. I’m not seeing this as a replacement for the standard joy-con or pro controller but for people who want to have a couple of spare controllers for when their friends go around. It would make having four controllers a viable option without having to take out a second mortgage.

Add a headphone port to the controller
I know this is a bit ironic after suggesting that they remove some stuff from the controller but I would love a headphone port on the controller. The Xbox One controllers have them and it is so useful. With the portability of the Switch, it would be even more helpful as if you are playing multiplayer while out and about in a location where you don’t want to be using the inbuilt speakers, you have to share an earphone each and that’s not the best of options. Adding a 3.5mm jack for headphones wouldn’t take up much space on the controller or interfere with the aesthetics but it would offer more flexibility and freedom for gamers.

Well, those are my picks. Do you agree with me? Disagree with my choices? What are the little hardware improvements that you would like to see Nintendo add? Please sound off in the comments section below.

Steve Clist
Joint Editor-in-Chief at Xbox Enthusiast as well as a contributor for Nintendo Enthusiast and PlayStation Enthusiast. Steve is a musician and gamer who loves sharing his passion for each. You will normally find him at the front of the grid in racing games or on the other end of the kill cam when you've just been killed in a first-person shooter.


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