NSO 7-day Nintendo Switch Online trial for 100 Platinum Points MyNintendo account 1,000

Pay to play is played out. Play to pay plays well though. Or to get to the point: Nintendo is currently offering a 7-day trial of Nintendo Switch Online as a reward for cashing in 100 Platinum Points from your MyNintendo account. Platinum Points may be collected through playing assorted Nintendo mobile games, such as Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You can also collect a few coins directly from Nintendo just by logging into your MyNintendo account on a weekly basis. So this is your chance to get yourself a Nintendo Switch Online trial for free, essentially.

There are some caveats to redeeming this reward though. Chiefly, you can’t use the trial to get yourself an “extra week” if you already have an active Individual Membership or Family Membership. You also need to be aware that Nintendo will “automatically convert into a monthly membership at the end of the trial period, unless you turn off automatic renewal before the end of the trial.” And finally, while the Nintendo Switch Online code you receive is good to use until April 7 at 12:59 p.m. EST, the reward itself is only being offered until March 31 at noon EST.

If you have 100 Platinum Points and no NSO, maybe it’s time to take action!

[Notice: This article originally stated in error that 1,000 Platinum Points are required. We regret the error.]


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