7 Years From Now

7 Years From Now, a narrative adventure game that was slated to launch on Switch and Steam within the month of May, has now been delayed until June 17. Publisher PQube vaguely stated that the delay was “to allow for further development,” so while the publisher wasn’t crystal clear on the exact issues and challenges with the game, it probably just needs a little more time in the oven.

If this is the first you’re hearing of the whimsically animated and carefully crafted narrative adventure, you can check out the launch trailer below to learn a little bit more about 7 Years From Now.

The game should certainly be on the radar of any fan of story-driven games. 7 Years From Now has humble origins as a mobile game, but it excelled in that arena, earning over six million downloads and winning five awards. Sure, we have to wait a few more weeks to get our hands on it, but this hopefully just guarantees us the best, most polished experience possible.

Are you interested in 7 Years From Now? Were you planning on picking it up on its original May release date? What do you think of the trailer? Tell us what you are thinking in the comment section below.

Andrew Rockett
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