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PlayStation 5 consoles and their accompanying accessories are now out there in the wild, with accessories in particular already available to purchase and obtain by anyone. Select outlets and influencers have gone hands-on with Sony’s latest console, but if you yourself want to just mess around with PS5’s new DualSense controller, that’s an option too. On Twitter, BrokenGamezHDR decided to test the DualSense controller with Nintendo Switch using an 8BitDo adapter, and the results were… intriguing.

This 8BitDo controller adapter was built to pair existing controllers to Switch, should you prefer them over a Pro Controller. However, the adapter seems to work fine paired with a DualSense, which is likely working as a DualShock alternative with Nintendo Switch.

There’s a bit of footage showing the configuration in action, and it looks pretty seamless. The clip shows the DualSense controller being used to navigate Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, alongside the Switch system software. If it works consistently in practice, the upcoming PlayStation 5 controller could prove another option for Switch adapter users. However, it is worth noting that, amusingly, the DualSense controller does not work with PlayStation 4.

In theory, a future firmware update could render this configuration useless, but it’s hard to predict such a thing. We hope this isn’t the case, as these cross-system adapters provide a great way to use existing controllers on different systems.


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