Mobile ports to the Wii U eShop are not a rare quantity. Indeed, many developers attempt to bring their touch-screen titles to Nintendo’s home console, with the Wii U Gamepad offering the perfect gateway for such ports. Many of these ports aren’t great, but some turn out quite well. Fortunately, A Beggar’s Ride falls on the latter end of that spectrum.

A Beggar’s Ride tells the story of an extremely charming old beggar who finds a mask and is transported to another world. It’s not the most engrossing tale out there, but it is quite enjoyable to uncover more and more about the story and world. Meshed with all the other elements, it does lead to a fairly engrossing atmosphere.

The puzzle platform style gameplay is very solid. You walk around the world, jumping over and avoiding obstacles. Occasionally you gain masks, which let you manipulate the environment. You can do this by holding A and then using the Gamepad in various ways: moving storm clouds to create rain, tilting the world a certain direction, etc.

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The platforming physics were not quite as intuitive as I would have liked, but considering the slower pace of the title that is not much of a problem. Actual platforming segments rarely pose much real challenge, and checkpoints show up quite often. It’s the mixture with the puzzles that makes the platforming interesting.

So how are the puzzles? For most part – quite good. You’ll combine abilities in interesting ways, and it can take a while at times to figure out just what to do. Nothing is overly difficult – certainly not at the beginning – but neither are puzzles a total pushover.

The visuals are quite attractive. It’s bright and colorful, with a perfect character model for the main character. There isn’t a ton of area variety, but considering it is a short game, you won’t mind much. The music is also very well done. It is nothing you will remember, but the songs are a pleasant listen while you play and do a great job of improving the atmosphere.

All in all, A Beggar’s Ride is a short, simple, and ultimately quite enjoyable puzzle platformer. If you’ve got six bucks to spare, then the charming visuals, impressively developed mixture of atmosphere and story, and solid puzzles will make the game worth a purchase.

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