Paramount recently gave the world its first look at the Sonic movie, and it did not go well. The studio chose to redesign the Blue Blur with a more “realistic” look instead of sticking to the classic design. Fans immediately tore the new look to shreds. The trailer was trending for all the wrong reasons, and director Jeff Fowler took notice. Soon after, he announced plans to redesign Sonic, and the movie was delayed by three months. The art team is hard at work trying to improve the beloved mascot, and so are fans. YouTuber Artur Baranov just released a new edit of the trailer featuring “Cartoon Sonic.” In other words, he’s sticking closer to Sonic’s traditional look and ditching the “realistic” style. You can check out the results below!

Sonic movie featuring Cartoon Sonic

Artur’s take isn’t a perfectly fleshed-out professional product, but it’s a great proof of concept. With some more time and resources spent on animation, this could be a pretty sweet look for the speedy hedgehog. Some have argued that a cartoon Sonic wouldn’t look right in the real world, but what do you think? Is it really all that jarring to see this style of Sonic interacting with humans? Would you like to see Paramount go in this direction for the Sonic movie, or simply improve on their “realistic” Sonic?

Hopefully whatever choice Paramount makes is one that makes Sonic’s creators proud. Co-creators Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima have expressed their concern about the current model. It doesn’t seem like they were consulted based on their reactions. Naka, in particular, made it clear that he’s happy they’re going back to the drawing board.

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  1. Ben Schwartz sounds a lot more natural coming out of this version of Sonic. I’m really impressed.

  2. Animation is wonky, probably because it is like pasted over it but that actually looks like freaking Sonic!

  3. This looks like a happier, more fun Sonic overall; one I could see myself actually wanting to spend a 90 minute movie with. Paramount, hire this person!

  4. I found nothing about this version really jarring about it for Artur’s Desgin because that’s how he should of looked from the start! No one asked for aultra realistic hedgehog who looks more like a person in a fur suit… THAT’S JARRING and DISRESPECTFUL to the ACTUAL creators VISION you are ADVERTISING….bunch of hypocrites when it comes to Hollywood.

  5. This looks SO much better than the crap design that Paramount made.

  6. I like the other one better. This one is more similar to the games which is not always a good thing for a movie. I understand nostalgia, I grew up with sonic too and Sega consoles but the unedited trailer is objectively better than this edited version

  7. OMG. This is 1000x better!!!

  8. I’m probably the odd one out here, but I don’t think I like this design much better. It still feels jarring and off when placed next to real actors. Maybe Sonic’s just not meant for reality. *cough*

    1. Don’t watch Sonic X

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