Final Fantasy VI arcade cabinet custom fan Dave Rapoza Punching Dragon Arcades

Last year, we reported on extraordinary Final Fantasy VI fan art by acclaimed artist Dave Rapoza. Fans have printed posters of that spectacular art to hang in their homes, but why stop there? Bethesda European PR Manager Mark Robins commissioned a custom arcade cabinet from Punching Dragon Arcades to create an original Final Fantasy VI cabinet using Rapoza’s art. It itself is a work of art. The game logo gleams across the top, with the frame being an attractive color combo of black, white, and red and the Magitek armor appearing a second time across the buttons.

This Final Fantasy VI arcade cabinet doesn’t just play one game though. For good measure, it also plays Double Dragon. (If you’re going to spend all that money for a custom arcade cabinet, it might as well be able to play a lot of different games.) Since it has Xbox controllers attached to it, one can presume it’s capable of playing many things.

Aside from this Final Fantasy VI arcade cabinet, Punching Dragon Arcades has an impressive catalogue of cabinets on its Instagram page, including the likes of Star Wars, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you happen to be loaded and are looking for ways to spend your endless riches, I would recommend hitting these guys up.

What do you think of this custom cabinet, and do you wish you had one?


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