A hoarding disaster: Why I stopped collecting gaming merchandise

Nintendo stands out from other video game companies by having a highly collectible selection of toys and merchandise. Of course, this includes amiibo, limited edition figures, licensed plushies, and many other goodies.

As a Nintendo fan, these items are incredibly tempting to purchase. For a while, I was picking up new collectibles every week. But before I knew it, collecting so many of these items caused me tons of grief. When you’re young and have access to money you’re not used to, a small collection can quickly turn into a hoarding nightmare.

A collecting addiction fueled by amiibo

A hoarding disaster: Why I stopped collecting gaming merchandise

I exited high school and got my first full-time job when amiibo were at the height of their popularity. They were extremely hard to find, and they were sought out by scalpers everywhere. To a young adult that had more money than he knew what to do with, amiibo were very attractive. I was constantly picking up all the new figures, and I was also at a buyer’s advantage because I worked at GameStop at the time.

But by the time five figures turned into 20, I realized I had an issue. So, I stopped buying amiibo. But that addictive personality came right back and found a new vice: Funko POP! figures. Now, I know these figures are widely panned by tons of people nowadays. But these collectibles were hot at the time, and I went crazy. But again, I eventually realized I had a serious issue on my hands when my bookshelf was filled completely with them.

During this time, I had also been buying all the collector’s editions of every game I wanted. So, I had statues, art books, and other items I didn’t have space for. When life started catching up and I suddenly had more bills to pay, it was finally clear that I had a real problem that I needed to stop.

Financial struggle and lack of space

A hoarding disaster: Why I stopped collecting gaming merchandise

I won’t give exact numbers because, quite frankly, I don’t remember. But I had amassed a little pile of debt thanks to my collectible addiction. It was something I could easily chip away in under a year, but it was still a large enough number to make my head spin.

But the financial stress wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was the state of my home. I was, and still am, drowning in all these collectibles I purchased on impulse. I have figures I don’t have the shelf space for. There are art books in my house for games I really don’t care about.

I have so little space left that I don’t even have room to expand my collection of games. My video games are spreading to various spaces in my house wherever they’ll fit. This is, without a doubt, a hoarding nightmare.

Maybe that’s a little dramatic. I can still walk through my house with a completely empty floor. But I have all these figures for no reason other than to admire how much dust has collected on them after a year.

Looking at some of these images, you may think that this problem isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be. But it was, and it still is. I have merchandise that I don’t even think twice about, and there’s no need for all this. Instead, I just see a bunch of junk now.

A word of advice

If anything, please take a lesson from my short story. If you’re thinking about purchasing that new collectible on a whim, maybe give it a second thought. Before you know it, you could be losing precious space to store things you’ll actually need.

If nothing else, think about your future. Will this hinder your ability to raise a family? Will it make moving into a new house more difficult?

I’m not trying to be a downer. Like anything else, if you’re collecting merchandise responsibly, this won’t be a problem for you. There are tons of collectible rooms that are neat, organized, and don’t cause tremendous financial stress on the owner. To the dedicated and responsible collectors, I respect you. Keep on doing what you love!

But impulse purchases caused by being a naive, young adult can lead toward a dangerous path of hoarding you won’t notice until its too late. Now, if you don’t mind me, I have a ton of eBay auctions I must attend to.

Adam Sherrill
I love all kinds of video games. I personally find the most enjoyment in JRPGs, Visual Novels, and pretty much anything Nintendo makes. I'm always open to discovering new types of games, so I'll be happy to check out anything someone suggests.


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