Takeshi's Challenge

There are a lot of weird games on the market, but few are as crazy and as well-known as Takeshi’s Challenge for the Famicom. If you’re wondering why I’m talking about a strange game from 1986 in 2019, it’s because it’s being adapted for the stage next year.

A prime example of a kusoge (crappy game), Takeshi’s Challenge is a masterpiece of frustrating, perplexing gameplay, created by Japanese filmmaker and comedian Beat Takeshi. To conquer this title, you’ll have to overcome the yakuza, karaoke challenges, and arbitrary processes to reveal a hidden map.

If you’ve not heard of Takeshi’s Challenge, do yourself a favor and find a good video on it. There’s a lot of really random, hilarious content in the game, and it’s for this reason the game has become a cult classic. Some examples include the ability to get a game over before the game begins, a fan-translated sign that reads “Grilled Mormons,” and a requirement to divorce your wife to progress.

So why make a stage adaptation of the game? It just so happens that the 65th anniversary of the Nippon Broadcasting System is this year. To celebrate, Japanese stage troupe Europe Project has decided to bring this game to life on the stage in April 2020, under the title Takeshi’s Challenge Beyond.

Have you ever seen or played Takeshi’s Challenge? What did you think?


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