Creamy Heart Soup and Electro Elixir by Chef @Pwnapplez

Fans of Zelda: Breath of the Wild know cooking is an all-too important factor in the game. Yes, we saw earlier examples in Windwaker and Skyward Sword, but not as extensive as the latest version.

If you’ve ever wanted to cook up some Zelda-inspired recipes in real life, worry not, as The Legend’s Cookbook has been unveiled.

The Legend’s Cookbook is currently being put together by real-life chefs such as Chef Peter aka Pwnapplez on Youtube, who became famous for showing fans how to make video game and anime inspired style drinks, dishes, desserts and more.  This is quite the undertaking and a very neat fan project for those of us who would love to make some of the in-game dishes, Zelda style.

The cookbook is described as, “by the fans, for the fans.” Sounds promising, right? In fact, all the art pieces below are included in the book and done by  Twitter user Kelly Kirsch.

Art by Kelly Kirsch


Hopefully, Nintendo doesn’t shut this project down before it begins.  The Kickstarter is set to begin in early 2019. Follow their official Twitter for more updates!

What do fans think of this? Will you be supporting this project and trying these out for yourself? Chime in below!

Source: Zelda Dungeon

Tarah Bleier


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