A Link to the Past LEGO

After tearing through the remake of Link’s Awakening, I recently turned my attention to another Zelda classic. A Link to the Past is now available on Switch for Nintendo Switch Online users, and you better believe I dived right in! This may be the dozenth or so time I’ve beaten the SNES adventure, but there are fans out there who are far more devoted than I. At BrickCon 2019, builders Doug and Lyn Werr unveiled their masterpiece. The duo recreated the entire Light World of Hyrule from the third Zelda game using LEGO bricks.

A Link to the Past map in LEGO bricks

A near-perfect replica

They’ve done a masterful job of replicating the game world with all of its iconic locations. Death Mountain, the Tower of Hera, Kakariko Village, the Desert of Mystery, and Hyrule Castle are all there! It looks to be about as close to a perfect 1-1 match as you can get with LEGO bricks. You can compare it with the actual in-game map below to see just how accurate this recreation is!

A Link to the Past LEGO bricks in-game map

Zelda recreations in LEGO bricks is not something I knew I needed, but now there’s no turning back! After A Link to the Past, I’d love to see other game worlds get the same treatment. The Oracles, Minish Cap, and even the original Zelda would all be excellent choices. Let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of this talented duo!

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