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With all the Pokémon Day celebrations going on to recognize the day the original games launched in Japan, it’s important to note another milestone in the franchise. Pokémon Masters is celebrating its six-month anniversary today! While there’s a lot of in-game events going on, one new addition truly stands out among the rest. Pokémon Trainer Red and his Charizard are now available to join your team, and if you’re lucky enough to pull them from the gacha, you can even see him talk!

As the canonical player character from Pokémon’s first generation, Red has made a number of appearances in later games, even serving as the final test of your skills in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Unlike other characters, Red has always been portrayed as a silent character, in reference to his role as your avatar in the original games. His silence isn’t just a fun nod for fanseven in-game characters such as Blue poke fun at Red over it at times.

In a break from tradition, however, Pokémon Masters has Red say more than just ellipses. We first discovered this via Twitter user TAHK0, who posted a screenshot of the pivotal moment. I was then able to verify this in my own game, once I met the necessary conditions.

In order to see the scene, you’ll first need to get lucky and pull Sygna Suit Red and Charizard from the gacha system. This is by far the hardest part. Currently, there a 2% chance to nab him from the Poké Fair Scout pool, up from the usual 0.5% for other 5-star characters. In trying to obtain him, I wound up with 4 copies of Hilda and Tepig, but such is the nature of chance. Four sets of pulls and 12,000 Gems later though, I finally hit the jackpot.

From there, you’ll want to go to Sync Pair Stories under the Explore menu and select Sygna Suit Red. That’s all you have to do! Just sit back and enjoy this tremendous occasion. I find it very fitting that even when he talks, all he says is “Words are unnecessary.” Truly, being able to communicate with your Pokémon partner without speaking is a mark of a Pokémon Master.

The Poké Fair Scout character pool is currently active in Pokémon Masters and will last until March 16th, so you have plenty of time to see this scene for yourselves. If you aren’t lucky or don’t play Pokémon Masters, however, you can find a video of the full event embedded above.

Thanks to TAKH0 for bringing this to our attention!

Steven Rollins
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