A Monsters Expedition Nintendo Switch release date August 5, 2021 Museum Expansion free Draknet & Friensd Monster's Expedition

Developer Draknet & Friends has announced an August 5, 2021 release date for acclaimed puzzler A Monster’s Expedition on Nintendo Switch, and it will come with the new, free Museum Expansion, which will also be available on the game’s other platforms. A Monster’s Expedition is an open-world puzzle adventure that involves pushing many, many trees to create floating pathways and explore. Along the way, your monster will learn about the history of humanity. The Museum Expansion will just add even more content to that, with more than 100 new islands to traverse.

A Monster’s Expedition originally launched in September 2020 for PC and Apple Arcade, and nearly a year later, its Nintendo Switch release date is set at last. Check out the announcement trailer to see just so many logs waiting to get pushed.

Nintendo Switch has a terrific abundance of diverse puzzle games at this point, with even more on the way. For instance, abstract time travel puzzler Induction launched two weeks ago, first-person STEM-based game The Long Gate releases in two days, and puzzle adventure Tetragon launches next month. Chinese mythology puzzler The Rewinder launches at the end of the year, and fantasy puzzle adventure Disturbing Forest is coming in 2022. The amount of variety here is just awesome, and A Monster’s Expedition will make a fine addition.


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