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Since millions of people around the globe are currently stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re all spending our time in different ways. Some are cleaning, others are reading. But for us gamers, time is certainly being spent playing. The outbreak of the virus has had a ripple effect on console sales; demand from consumers is higher but production is lower due to the closure of factories. Some news reports have come in over the last few days which gives us a look at how our favorite hybrid system, the Switch, is faring in different parts of the world.

Switch burns up in Australia 

Earlier this year, a good chunk of Australia was dealing with severe wildfires. Now, Australian retailers are seeing their stock of Switch systems burn up amidst a higher demand from consumers. The flagship Switch is becoming harder to find in the country whether it’s the neon or gray-colored variant. Meanwhile, the Switch Lite does seem to be holding its own for the time being. Nintendo does claim that the Japanese market is primarily affected by the lower production numbers. Thus, we’ll see how long this shortage of Switch units in Australia lasts. Speaking of Japan…

Japan sees an uptick in Switch sales 

Nintendo’s own home turf is a big fan of the Switch. But, as supply has run short in the past few weeks, sales numbers have naturally dropped. However, there’s been a bit of a positive change. For the week of March 9 to 15, 2020, the flagship Switch sold 11,801 units. The Switch Lite is still the easier system to come by, having sold a whopping 45, 473 units. In the week prior, the flagship Switch sold just 4,424 units, so it looks like Nintendo was able to churn out some fresh stock. Time will tell to see how long the rebound lasts.

The EU, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa bought a lot of Switch units in February 

Finally, we have a report from the EMEAA. This reports details for sales across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia. It turns out that the Switch came out as #1 for the month of February, beating out the PS4. In total, 257,819 game consoles were sold during the month. Exact numbers for each platform were not given, but the Switch still takes home the largest share. It turns out that compared to 2019, sales are up for Switch year-on-year. The neon-colored variant has also proven to be the most popular.

Nintendo Switch eShop refunds lacking absent problems challenges money

In other parts of the world, the Switch has also continued to do pretty well. The February 2020 NPD report out of the USA listed the Switch as the #1 best-selling platform for the month, an honor it’s been consistently receiving for a good while now. The UK, which tends to be Nintendo’s weakest region in terms of major markets, also proved to show the Switch the most love in February 2020. 

Gamers around the world are gearing up for the next-generation of consoles. So, as the year continues, it’s only natural that we’ll see sales for the PS4 and Xbox One continue to fall more and more, whereas the hybrid system’s growth will continue to rise.

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