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Publisher Saber Interactive and developer iLLOGIKA supported by EP1T0ME have announced an A Quiet Place video game for unspecified consoles for release in 2022. John Krasinki co-wrote and directed the hit film A Quiet Place, which released in 2018, and its sequel belatedly released this past May, following pandemic delays. This A Quiet Place video game is a single-player story-driven horror adventure set in that film universe that will tell an original story, and the gameplay intends to capture “the compelling suspense, emotion and drama” of the films. However, no gameplay has been shown yet.

“The A Quiet Place video game will let fans experience the tension of the films with a level of immersion they’ve never felt before,” said iLLOGIKA creative director Hervé Sliwa. “We’re excited to work with EP1T0ME and to team up with Saber Interactive to share this unique vision of hope and horror with players everywhere in the future.”

“The amazing success of the A Quiet Place movies makes it clear audiences are hungry for more adventures in this universe, and iLLOGIKA is creating their own truly engaging experience that lives up to the name of this beloved property,” added Todd Hollenshead, head of publishing at Saber Interactive. “We are proud to say that A Quiet Place is the first game we will be releasing by an external studio from the growing Saber publishing label.”

More news on the game will come later this year, and The Game Awards 2021 seems like a likely place for it, especially since Saber Interactive revealed Evil Dead: The Game there last year.

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