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As long as video games have been around, it seems like there’s always been a team ready to convert it into a television show or a movie. Lately, Netflix has taken on this role pretty heavily, having produced both animated (Castlevania and Dragon’s Dogma) and live-action (The Witcher) series in the past few years alone, with more on the way. A few days ago, the video streaming giant unveiled plans for yet another animated series, this time based on Tomb Raider.

Not much is currently known about this Netflix and Legendary Television series, other than it follows the events of the recent Tomb Raider reboot trilogy developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-MontrĂ©al. Tomb Raider has picked up a wealth of talent behind the scenes, however. Tasha Huo (who’s also behind the upcoming The Witcher prequel, Blood Origin) has signed on as a writer. Huo is also serving as an executive producer on the project, alongside Jacob Robinson from Tractor Pants, and Dmitri M. Johnson (Sonic the Hedgehog), Stephan Bugaj, and Howard Bliss from dj2 Entertainment.

While I think a Tomb Raider anime series has a lot of potential, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic right now. Netflix has been rather hit and miss with their adaptations, and there’s a lot of room to mess things up here, given the size of the Tomb Raider franchise. Hopefully that means they’ll take better care of it, but we’ll find out whenever it launches.


Steven Rollins
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