A-Train All Aboard! Tourism Nintendo Switch launch trailer relase date today March 12, 2021 Artdink train sim simulator

Artdink has been developing the A-Train train simulation franchise since the 1980s, and if you’re a sim fan, you might have played A-Train 3D: City Simulator on Nintendo 3DS in 2015. Today is an important day for the franchise though, as A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism has launched on Nintendo Switch, introducing — as the name would suggest — tourism to its urban planning gameplay, and there is a goal of transforming towns into “bustling tourism capitals.” The game also offers “realistic business management simulations of financing, investing, and more, as well as a wide variety of customizable options for all your vehicles.”

If you’re hoping for each city to be a sprawling visual feast though, you might be disappointed, as the A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism launch trailer offers some pretty underwhelming graphics. It frankly looks like a PlayStation 2 game, which stings even more when you consider that the game costs $59.99. Still, the trailer at least succeeds at being tranquil.

Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of simulation games, and as we’ve documented in detail, many of them are quite affordable. There is even a game about simulating model trains. But if you’re a hardcore Artdink fan or sim lover, A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism might still be a good time on Switch, even with its wanting visuals and heavy price tag.

Incidentally, Artdink is developing the also visually so-so Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World, and it is also developing the completely different, HD-2D Project Triangle Strategy with Square Enix.

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