Ace Attorney Orchestra Concert The Best

Capcom has announced that it will host an online concert for the Ace Attorney series next month in Japan. From April 10 through April 18, 2021, fans can pay 4,500 yen (~$41.32) for a standard ticket to watch the concert in its entirety. An 8,000 yen (~$73.45) ticket will also be available with limited goods included. Those who purchase tickets for the online show will get to rewatch the archive anytime until April 18, 2021.

Since this will be the first online concert for the Ace Attorney series, Capcom is working on a unique experience that combines live footage from the orchestra and scenes from the games. The music tracks featured in the concert will include many best selections that were popular among fans in the past. Furthermore, the show will have special corners, including one with Twitter polls deciding on the performances.

Miles Edgeworth (Reiji Mitsurugi in Japanese) voice actor Eiji Takemoto will MC the event. Other guests for the talk show portion include Phoenix Wright’s voice actor Takayuki Kondo. Shinji Kawada, who voices Sherlock Holmes for The Great Ace Attorney games, will also appear as a guest.

Ace Attorney Orchestra Concert Program

  • The Great Ace Attorney Suite Continues
  • Phoenix Wright – Objection!
  • Apollo Justice – A New Era Begins!
  • Triumphant Return – Miles Edgeworth
  • The Great Ace Attorney – Great People of Resolve Suite
  • The Great Ace Attorney – Great Trials of Resolve Suite
  • The Great Ace Attorney Suite
  • And more!

While we’ve yet to see The Great Ace Attorney outside of Japan, last month, we saw a Taiwan rating go up for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.


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