astro vault


  • jump from asteroids/avoid monsters to gain points
  • collect items to gain more points
  • multiple characters and leaderboards


Cube Knights!


  • 3D platormer in N64 style
  • 4 player local/online coop with one screen local multiplayer similar to super mario world 3d
  • CTF and deathmatch modes
  • Level editor


99 seconds wii u


  • uses unity 3d engine
  • upgraded version of DSi game
  • extreme difficulty
  • retro style graphics


the pinball arcade


  • licensed real pinball machines from Bally, Williams and more
  • authentic pinball action
  • online leaderboards
  • rich graphics


Dark Lands


  • Auto runner game with combat
  • survival and campaign mode
  • fantasy horror world


Vektor Wars


  • modern take on retro first person vector graphics
  • online leaderboards
  • classic arcade shooter with John carpenter influenced soundtrack




  • PvP gameplay
  • Level up character and control your realm
  • tons of character classes to choose from


Hell – IX


  • Desert strike gameplay with modern graphics
  • highly destructible areas
  • large variety of helicopters with upgradable abilities


blood bath


  • gory 3d graphics
  • online battles
  • 6 different fighters to choose from


beat team


  • platformer/beat em up
  • use 3 characters at once and switch on the fly
  • each character has certain abilities to help advance through levels
  • 4 campaigns each with a set of different characters


Gang Beasts


  • local multiplayer
  • over the top gameplay featuring fire pits, moving cars, and skyscrapers
  • throw your friends into the environmental hazards




  • unique turnbased strategy beat em up
  • black and white sylized graphics
  • over the top blood spilling


shaqfu 2


  • the sequel to the terrible Shaq Fu
  • adapative AI that learns your fighting style
  • co op gameplay
  • deep combo system


Reinforcements: Chronicles of the Pacific realm


  • midevil hack and slash gameplay
  • 3D graphics with 8 bit style characters
  • Role playing elements added in

Gun Lord


  • 8-bit inspired graphics
  • rocking soundtrack
  • big guns and big enemies
  • futuristic evil setting



  • mix of MegaMan and Zelda with horror elements
  • large selection of weapons
  • summon spirits to help fight with you

The Hand of Panda


  • based off Bonus rounds of fighting games
  • 3DS version also coming
  • japanese-influenced graphics

Crypt Run: Death Is Just the Beginning


  • randomly generated dungeons
  • mid-evil themed graphics
  • classic hack and slash gameplay

How to Survive


  • cannibalistic zombies
  • local multiplayer
  • deep survival and crafting system

Dusty Raging Fist


  • Cartoon styled graphics
  • frantic and fast combat
  • large variety of enemies in classic side scrolling gameplay

Super Comboman


  • inspired by classic fighting games
  • destructible environments
  • combo system for combat

Team Notion


  • co-op gameplay
  • unlockable moves for characters
  • comic book style graphics

Monkey Pirates


  • 9 different environments
  • up to 5 players
  • 10-12 multiplayer levels challenge mode



  • party game for whole family
  • up to 5 players
  • evolve from prey to predator

Human Element


  • Zombie based survival game
  • 3 character classes
  • 3 playable characters


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