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Following the announcement of the Switch Lite, a severe game drought, and plummeting sales, the heat death of the 3DS has hit another milestone: the 3DS segment of Nintendo’s website no longer sells or discusses the original systems that made the handheld line so popular. Instead, the site only references the New 2DS XL and the standard 2DS.

The FAQ and Features sections on the website only explain the capabilities of the 2DS systems, and the site store only sells 2DS systems. Even though there are a couple of vague references to the “Nintendo 3DS family,” none are fleshed out to include the one that started it all.

The 3DS family of systems has become the Ottoman Empire of video game devices–at this point, it has been in decline for about a fourth of its overall lifespan. It lasted longer than anyone would have guessed, even snagging several first party games that probably should have been on Switch as recently as last year, like Luigi’s Mansion.

Have you said goodbye to the 3DS yet, or are you still desperately hoping for one more swan song? It seems that Nintendo is finally moving on. While they have never exactly been easy to read, the Switch is well-established enough at this point that the 3DS can safely hand over its baton, and it seems well on its way to being fully phased out.


Andrew Rockett
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