I’d say the Pokemon series is extremely popular. From card games to mobile titles to handheld console releases, Pocket Monsters has something for everybody. Similarly, shoes are famous commodity. Humans need to wear them to shelter their feet from the cold and sidewalk pavement. What would happen if these two powerhouses joined forces? The adidas company has the answer.

All day, I dream about Snorlax

Instagram user and sneaker insider hugokickz shared some tantalizing information on the website regarding a Pokemon/shoe collaboration. According to him, two variants of the signature Stan Smith sneakers are in development that feature classic starters.

First, there is the Pikachu Stan Smith:





In addition, here is the Squirtle version:


Not as cool as Blastoise!


Wartortle is being ignored, too!

These adidas sneakers look neat! I mean, I feel like the designs can use more color. Additionally, Squirtle is an odd choice for Pokemon representation. He’s cool and all, but I think Eevee makes more sense to use, especially after the release of Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Regardless, as long as the sneaker is super comfy, that’s what’s most important. Well, that, affordability, and availability.

Any sneaker-wearing folks excited for these special adidas? Which Pokemon would be your choice for use in a shoe design? Let us know with a reply in the comment field!

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