Aeon Drive Switch

2Awesome Studio has announced its next project, a dystopian cyberpunk platformer named Aeon Drive. The game is still in an early alpha state and is scheduled to release later in 2020, and it takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk 2D Barcelona. Aeon Drive hasn’t explicitly been confirmed for Nintendo Switch yet, but 2Awesome Studio states the game is “coming 2020 to PC and consoles.”

In this title, you will play the role of Jackelyne, who is a space pilot that finds herself stranded in an alternate-universe Barcelona after her spaceship crashes. From there, Jackelyne will teleport around the streets of New Barna in a race against time to save herself and this newfound world in the process.

This game’s predecessor, Dimension Drive, launched for Nintendo Switch back in 2017, and Aeon Drive takes place in that same universe.

Here are a few promised features of Aeon Drive:

  • Speed-running platformer mechanics.
  • Eye-catching quality synthwave pixel art style
  • Enjoy a sweet and shooty holiday in a cyberpunk version of tourist darling Barcelona.
  • Advanced scoring system that enables long term replayability
  • Real-time difficulty adjustment — collect time-warping devices and use them strategically

As soon as more news becomes available on this new 2Awesome Studio title, we will keep you updated. Stay tuned!


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