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Today is the day Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity launches on Nintendo Switch. Many a gamer are no doubt dabbling in their first Musou-like title, laying waste to thousands of enemies by mashing buttons repeatedly. Over in Europe, players who opted to secure their physical copy of Nintendo’s latest are noticing something a bit distracting. Some box art features the game’s title in multiple languages, contributing to a little oversaturation.

Now we all know how to say Age of Calamity in various tongues

Thanks to some countries having more than one official language, Age of Calamity must have a variety of logos to accommodate all speakers.

Take a look at Switzerland’s box art, where its official languages are German, French, and Italian:

At least the logos are on the bottom, so consumers can still appreciate the lovely art as a whole.

As the website Nintendo Life points out, the placement of the logos makes geographic sense. Germany is northeast of France and Italy is south of both countries. A cool little detail.

Overall, a neat gesture from Nintendo and Koei Tecmo to recognize the diversity of the world. While just a smidge intrusive, it certainly isn’t the worst box art I’ve seen.

Age of Calamity

Never forget

Enthusiasts, have you come across a copy of Age of Calamity that has a ton of logos? Let us know below.


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