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Agony was announced for Nintendo Switch over a year ago in September 2018, and it still hasn’t released yet. It hasn’t been canceled either though. Following the game’s abysmal critical reception on other platforms, developer Madmind Studio ran into financial troubles that led to a cancellation then subsequent revival of an “unrated” version of the game, which allegedly received a better fan reception. Now, a new trailer from Switch publisher Forever Entertainment reveals Agony is still set to bring Nintendo Switch owners to hell.

Demon breasts in the video have been digitized for whatever reason, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for your risque demon perversions than Nintendo Enthusiast. More noteworthy though is that the graphics seem to have taken a palpable hit. In my opinion, everything just looks… pretty ugly now, and not in a demons-are-ugly-dudes sort of way.

It’s not cool to just mock and kick a developer when it’s down, especially when people are presumably trying their (albeit not very impressive) best and trying to hold jobs down. Madmind Studio is reportedly working on two new games right now, in fact. So I’ll just say I hope the studio can achieve the impossible and make the Agony Switch gameplay experience into what people were hoping for in the first place.

I really doubt it though.


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