Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom guide hunting Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is home to a variety of ravenous monsters that probably want to eat you for lunch. Series veterans will recognize a few of these, but there are some new creatures ready to face your hunter in combat. One such beast is called the Aknosom, a bird-like creature that makes its series debut in Monster Hunter Rise. This magnificent creature will be one of the first new monsters that you will face in the game, so this Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom guide goes over its traits and weaknesses, plus general strategies for facing it. Be sure to check out our other guides, as well as our review of the game to see what we think about the next installment in this brilliant franchise.

Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom guide hunting Capcom

Aknosom guide: Monster overview

Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom guide hunting Capcom overview

The main thing you need to know about the Aknosom is that it likes to shoot fireballs at you. Make sure to equip fire-resistant armor, or if not, eat the fire-resistant Bunny Dango to increase your overall resistances. Other than that, the Aknosom is quite mobile and will frequently fly off to another location. This will likely happen once you’ve dealt enough damage, so try to attack it when you see an opening to maximize your output.

Aknosom weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom guide Weaknesses

As the Aknosom embodies the element of fire, you’ll want to take in a water weapon. However, the likelihood of having a water weapon early in the game is highly unlikely, as you won’t encounter one until the Tetranadon appears. The Aknosom is also weak to electrical-based weapons, but again you’ll need to progress to be able to craft one. Most of your time will be spent attacking the monster’s head or wings, as they will provide better results in terms of damage.

Effective status ailments


Waterblight and Blast are the most effective status ailments against the Aknosom. However, other ailments will still prove useful, such as paralysis. These ailments won’t be available until later on in the game, but if you ever decide to fight the Aknosom again, you will be prepared.

Rewards upon defeat or capture


After successfully slaying or capturing the Aknosom, it will drop a variety of useful crafting materials. The creature has its own weapon trees and armor set, which both revolve around the element of fire. If you ever decide to encounter this beast more than once (which will be likely), take its armor set with you, as it has great fire resistance.


Monster Hunter Rise is available now for Nintendo Switch. Hopefully this Aknosom guide will prove useful in your hunting escapades in Monster Hunter Rise.

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