Earlier today it was heard that the latest issue of Nintendo Power will be revealing a new game from Aksys that is Nintendo-related. Well, it seems the cat got out of the bag a little early. Already later in the day it was revealed that the new game from Aksys is called Shifting World and it will release on the 3DS.

Aksys is known for localizing Japanese games for an English-speaking market and have been instrumental in publishing the bit.Trip series on the Wii, 999 on the DS, and Blazblue on the 3DS.

Their latest game is being developed by Armor Games and has an interesting art style. The games is based on a free Flash game called Shift that can be played at Armor Games. Here are the details:

– Action-puzzler
– Press the shift button to turn the world upside-down
– Doing so turns every black area white
– Contains 60 levels
– Features teleporters, low gravity, exploding barriers, and other elements
– Shift between 2D/3D
– Game is completely in black/white



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