If you start up Super Mario 3D All-Stars, you’ll notice a patch is now live for the software. This update adds GameCube controller support to Super Mario Sunshine, which includes pressure-sensitive controls for F.L.U.D.D. But that’s not all the patch improves. It appears other various glitches, including the embarrassing debug cubes, have been stomped out entirely.

Now 3D All-Stars contains a Sunshine port it can be proud of

Here’s photographic proof Bianco Hills’ secret area is no longer tainted by bugs, courtesy of Twitter user @OatmealDome:

Yours truly took Sunshine for a spin last night and can confirm the picture is not a hoax.

Here’s my own evidence:

3D All-Stars

It feels good to not see the platforms’ preset paths anymore. Though I do not begrudge anyone who felt having them present made this tough area a lot easier.

User @qseeker95 also discovered some fixes not listed in the patch notes. They include corrections for an aspect ratio glitch and a timed events sound issue:

It’s great to see these amendments made to Super Mario Sunshine. Now gamers can experience the platformer the way it was meant to be played.

Enthusiasts, have you applied the patch to Super Mario 3D All-StarsĀ yet? Have you noticed any other examples of rectification? Let us know below.

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