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Alpaca Ball: Allstars, an alpaca-driven soccer game that thrives off of wild neck-swinging physics, is getting a free content update titled “Japanese Summer Festival.” The update features a new playing field and two Samurai-themed cosmetic options. You can check out a Japanese trailer for the update below, courtesy of Leoful.

Here’s what the publisher had to say about the new Alpaca Ball: Allstars update:

A free update has arrived in Alpaca Ball: Allstars – the Japanese Summer Festival Update! This brand new update adds a pitch called Summer Festival and two new Alpaca customization options that will make your Alpaca a samurai – Kabuto (Samurai Hat) and Chonmage (Samurai Bun).

The Summer Festival pitch takes place in the middle of a modern city filled with traditional Japanese decorations and snack stalls. Don’t get too distracted though – an intense match awaits in this large size pitch!

Free content updates are always nice to see. Here, one soccer stage might not seem like much, but the spinning centerpiece is sure to make for some fun, chaotic matches when you consider how ridiculously challenging it already is to hit the ball where you want it. In a game like Alpaca Ball: Allstars, every creatively placed obstacle has the opportunity to completely overhaul match strategies and outcomes. I’m sure fans will get a kick out of exploring this new level.

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