Alphadia Genesis, the Japanese style RPG, that is being published and developed by Kemco and Exe-Create, will be gracing mobile devices soon and could possibly come to next gen consoles such as the PS4 and Wii U.  Gaming Everything says the game almost feels like a game that could have charmed the PS One crowd with sprites for the world map and 3d rendered characters poised in battle.

The question as to whether or not it might be in future plans to port it to next gen consoles was given in an interview by Siliconera.

\”I hope so.  Since Unity supports other consoles we will try to test it first.  If that works well maybe we will bring it to Vita, Wii U, and if PlayStation 4 supports it.,\” said Masaomi Kurokawa, manager of the mobile business department.

You can find out some more information in the breakdown below.

– Has a standard command battle system
– Can perform melee attacks, skills, or spells such as fire magic
– Story is set after the Energi War where mankind has been fighting to control life energy
– Instead of sending souls out, countries created clones to fight battles
– Clones were reprogrammed after the war ended to live alongside humans and without a will to fight
– One clone kills its master, leading protagonist Frey to figure out why clones are now attacking people
– Exe-Create is the developer
– Game has a higher budget due to 3D graphics
– English version will include all Japanese voiceovers along with translation

So, it looks like the game could be pretty fun on something like the Wii U or especially on the 3DS with the already existing 3D character models in the game.

There is a trailer for the game below that was shown at E3.  Check it out and tell us what you think about the game and if you would like to see it on the Wii U.

[Source: Gaming Everything via SiliconEra]


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