Alwa's Legacy

Back in April, we reported on the announcement that Alwa’s Legacy would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. It’s a successor to retro platformer Alwa’s Awakening, which we had nothing but kind words for when we reviewed it back in 2018. Now, with the summer season officially upon us, developer Elden Pixels has confirmed that Alwa’s Legacy will be arriving on June 16 with a flashy new launch trailer.

While the previous game was an 8-bit inspired love letter to games of yesteryear, Alwa’s Legacy makes the jump to 16-bit visuals while still retaining that old-school gameplay and charm. Throughout this retro metroidvania you’ll be solving countless puzzles as your protagonist Zoe attempts to find her way back home through a strange yet familiar land. As you progress you’ll find a variety of items that you can pour into a new character upgrade system, allowing you to craft your own unique build as you focus on either offensive, defensive, or exploration-focused skills and abilities. The open-ended design of the world ensures that no two playthroughs will be the same, as you’ve got plenty of ways to explore the world and reach the ending.

Alwa’s Legacy will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this summer.


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