Daemon X Machina

Amazon customers report that the company is canceling their Daemon X Machina pre-orders. The online retailer lists “lack of availability” as the reason. Of course, that isn’t the actual reason since the game isn’t even finished, let alone manufactured. The game is slated to release in 2019, but nothing more specific than that.

As odd as this may be, this shouldn’t be cause for concern that the game itself is canceled. For example, BestBuy also has it available for pre-order but those customers haven’t reported any cancelations. Pre-orders also aren’t canceled if the game has been delayed. You can keep them for literal years without anything happening, so that’s ruled out.


Pre-order Cancels Aren’t an Omen

It’s also worth noting, if the game was canceled, you would hear it from Nintendo long before retailers would react. In fact, there’s already a recent case of this, The Walking Dead: The Final Season. While the game might be finished later, for the time being, it’s canceled. Even with that news announced, it took several days for Telltale to remove the season pass from the digital marketplaces it was being sold on (oddly it’s still available on Nintendo’s eShop).  So this is likely an error at Amazon, then knowledge of a game’s cancelation before it’s even announced.

If you want to delve even deeper, the likelihood of Nintendo canceling a game they’ve revealed nowadays is next to, if not zero. Even when it came to Devil’s Third on the Wii U and the rumor that they wouldn’t they publish the game, they still published it in the end. Nintendo has already been won over by the game and its developers, enough so to publish the game in the first place. Once that’s announced to the public you can rest assured they will see to it till the end.

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