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When E3 abandoned us, Amazon France took its place. Following a couple of batches of mysterious listings of unannounced Switch titles from major companies like Bethesda, Capcom, and Nintendo itself, a second Take-Two Switch title is joining the mix. As of now, the unrevealed game’s page on Amazon France is still live.

While E3 is not running any official digital showcase in its own stead, plenty of developers and publishers seem poised to do so on their own. That’s why the recent cascade of generic Amazon France Switch title listings aren’t too surprising, and neither is their most recent new addition.

A Switch title from Take-Two could end up being a lot of things. Another NBA 2K game is a solid bet for the console, while a port of a popular Rockstar game like Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption would drive everyone into hysterics. It could also be something ridiculous like Duke Nukem Five-ever.

If you haven’t been keeping track, here’s the current status of Amazon France Switch listings, sorted by publisher:

  • 3 games from Bethesda: 1 Switch-only, 1 for Switch/PS4, 1 for Switch/PS4/XB1
  • 2 games from Square: both Switch-only
  • 2 games from Warner Bros.: 1 Switch/XB1, 1 Switch/PS4/XB1
  • 2 games from Ubisoft: 1 Switch/PS4/XB1, 1 Switch/XB1
  • 2 games from Take-Two: 1 Switch/PS4/XB1, 1 Switch-only
  • 1 game from Capcom: Switch-only
  • 1 game from Konami, Switch-only
  • 4 games from Ninteno

Amazon France isn’t an end-all source (just last month, they posted a bunch of fake PC games), but with E3 season practically on top of us, we should be getting some cool reveals soon regardless.


Andrew Rockett
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