Starting next Tuesday Amazon Prime members will no longer be able to get 20 percent off of their pre-ordered games. However, if you pre-order(ed) games before August 28, the discount will still apply to them. Amazon announced on Monday it will be giving Prime members a $10 credit which only comes with select titles. But there is a waiting period when it comes to receiving the $10 credit.

Per Polygon, once someone has pre-ordered an item that is compatible with the credit, it will take up to 35 days for them to receive the $10 via email. Once that person has received their $10, they have 60 days to use it after it has been activated.


However, losing the 20 percent discount on pre-orders is not all that Prime members are losing this year. On its official Twitter, Twitch Prime revealed on September 14, new members will not be able to experience ad-free viewing unless the streamer they want to watch has enabled it. Twitch’s website points out, ad-free viewing will be available to those with a monthly subscription until October 15.

That being said, ad-free viewing will still be available on Twitch via its subscription service Twitch Turbo. The subscription service costs $8.99 a month and also gives subscribers the ability to save their broadcasts for longer than 14 days, among other things. Twitch has said on its website Prime benefits like channel subscriptions, chat badges, and free games are not undergoing changes.

How will these changes affect your being or wanting to be a Prime member?  Comment below!


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