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There are Smash Bros. amiibo collectors who might have missed a few due to store exclusivity/limited availability. Those who are desperate to complete their collection who did not utilize eBay are in luck. Nintendo has revealed Amazon Japan is set to sell an amiibo bundle featuring 63 fighters. Only 50 are being made, however.

Desperate times, desperate measures

Starting December 7, 2018, at 18:00 JST, Amazon Japan will start auctioning off the bundles. If that date sounds familiar to you, it’s also when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on Switch. I hope those of you camping out for a midnight game launch are prepared to hit refresh on the interwebs while waiting on a massive line.

The amiibo bundle will include a poster. What it will not contain is every Smash amiibo. If you recall, combatants like K. Rool and Piranha Plant aren’t due to launch until early next year. I would expect that to mean that the bundles will not start shipping until next year at the earliest. In addition, pricing has not been revealed. Considering the massive amount of amiibo available in the bundle, it will likely be outrageously expensive. Doubly so if you are importing.

I’m not a big amiibo guy, but this bundle certainly appeals to collectors. Hopefully, fans that have missed out on the craze will get a chance to buy a bundle. If not from Japan, then possibly elsewhere in the future. I can’t imagine it being affordable anywhere, though.

Thoughts on the Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo bundle? Hoping it releases in your neck of the woods? Trying your luck importing? Let us know down below!

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