While Nintendo is most likely going to focus on first-party amiibo initially, the Big N is still researching ways to support third-party developers with their new line of peripherals.

According to Nintendo of America’s Senior Manager of Licensing Marketing, Damon Baker:

We’re having those conversations and we’re still early on because amiibo isn’t even going to launch until later this month. We’re excited to see how that pans out but there’s a ton of interest from our third-party partners and we’re looking at what makes sense in terms of business models and levels of integration. There are really creative ideas that are coming through and we are working towards some opportunities for next year.

Nintendo of America’s Marketing Director, David Wharton, is particularly positive:

Think about our implementation for our products, it’s really developer-centric. It’s really about opening up new capabilities and new ways of extending the value of games and bringing the functionality into games. As a company we’re interested in as many different creative explorations of that functionality. Exactly what that’s going to be in the future, not only for third-party but first-party, that story has yet to be written. We’ve got a couple of examples of how it’s going to look today — but imagine the future, the sky is the limit.

Nintendo seems open to the prospect of amiibo being used with a wide variety of games. All of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U amiibo will unlock weapons and other extras in Hyrule Warriors, and the company is explicitly open to third-party developers implementing amiibo functionality in their games. It all comes down to what the developers themselves want to do with the technology.

Could this perhaps tie in to the recently revealed upcoming Shovel Knight content? What third-party Nintendo games would you be most excited to see amiibo support for?


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