Among Us Game boy video lumpy touch reimagining

Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm recently. It’s basically the next Fortnite in that regard, where anyone and everyone is trying it out. There’s one problem though — it ain’t on a Nintendo system, yet. However, YouTube channel Lumpy Touch has gone one step further and reimagined the hit title as a Game Boy game.

Granted, this isn’t a playable game in any way; it’s just an animation. It’s got us thinking about a Nintendo version though, and this looks great in that original Game Boy graphic style. Among Us‘ characters look like classic sprites in many ways, and they look right at home pixelated with that iconic green hue.

This animation goes the full length too. The start screen contains a nostalgic disclaimer that multiplayer requires a four-player Game Link Cable, and there is a load screen as players connect. The music is on point for the era too, doing a solid job of capturing the Game Boy style.

Admittedly, identifying an imposter might have been tough given the color restrictions, but we love the look of a Game Boy version of Among Us. This animation aside, bringing the real game to Nintendo Switch would probably be a solid idea.

Would you play any version of Among Us on Switch?

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