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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Smash hit for Nintendo with well over 30 million copies sold. But despite the countless hours logged by these millions of players, the game feels a bit hollow in some areas, especially compared to its predecessors. Certain key characters and features that longtime players are used to are absent, and major new content updates have been few and far between. Back in July, Nintendo promised players that more content updates were on the way, and today we got a sneak peek. During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo teased an Animal Crossing Direct for October. Check out the announcement below!

Animal Crossing Direct teaser

The Animal Crossing Direct next month will clue us into the next major content update, which launches in November. We don’t have an exact date yet for the Direct, but Nintendo recommends you follow the official Animal Crossing Twitter account in the meantime. Based on this teaser, it looks Brewster is finally coming to New Horizons and bringing The Roost with! This is something that was hinted at last year, but now we have official confirmation. We look forward to seeing what else gets added in the November update, and we’ll be covering all the news as it breaks.


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