Animal Crossing/DOOM crossover

Tomorrow is a great day for fans of shooters and/or management sims. Both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal launch on March 20, 2020, though the latter is heading to Switch at a later date. Gamers are having a blast pairing Isabelle and the DOOM Slayer in fanart to celebrate the simultaneous launch. We already know the Eternal devs love the unofficial Animal Crossing/DOOM crossover, but what about the people behind New Horizons? According to an IGN interview, they are fans, too.

When is an official Animal Crossing/DOOM crossover game releasing?

Here’s what Animal Crossing: New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku has to say about the collaboration art:

I definitely do notice and have noticed that there’s a lot of Doom and Animal Crossing collaboration art and illustrations that are being posted, and as I look through them I’m in awe of how much creativity our fans have.

I think because there is a common denominator of this type of communication happening between Doom and Animal Crossing fans, and also the fact that Animal Crossing is a communication game, we’re very thankful and very thrilled to see all this. We’re so excited at the same time to see how the two [fandoms] are coming together to celebrate this day.

Translation: Kyogoku totally has a pre-order for DOOM Eternal on Switch.

It’s great to see these two fandoms collide like this. Even though players may not like one series (I’m definitely more of a DOOM guy), they are still happy to see others get excited. I love experiencing something so pure during these troubled times.

Enthusiasts, do you have either New Horizons or Eternal pre-ordered? Which are you more pumped to play? Let us know below!

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