The Office scenes recreated Animal Crossing

With COVID-19 forcing billions around the globe inside, binge-streaming is on the rise! I’m basically a walking stereotype for pandemic coping, as I just finished binging The Office on Netflix while simultaneously playing Animal Crossing. It seems I’m not the only one, as a dedicated New Horizons player who goes by BAO has been painstakingly recreating iconic scenes from the hit sitcom inside Nintendo’s game.

The Office recreated in Animal Crossing

BAO clearly put a ton of effort into this little project, and the results are pretty great. When I say they recreated scenes from The Office, I don’t just mean still images. After assembling replica sets and filling them with island villagers, they use the in-game camera feature to “shoot” the scene in time to the audio. You can even watch the original clips side-by-side with the Animal Crossing recreations for a direct comparison.

Prison Mike

The training dummy

In addition to the above videos, they also released some still images. These shots include more of Prison Mike as well as a look at The Office break room. Thanks to an in-game tea set, the latter is currently serving the role of The Finer Things Club. All of these Animal Crossing recreations are lovely tributes, and I hope players will keep ’em coming!



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