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Animal Crossing has been out almost two months now, and dedicated fans have found all kinds of exploits. The latest glitch, discovered by StephenPlays, allows you to clip through boundaries in some interesting ways. It’s pretty simple to do, but it will require assistance from a friend, as it involves an incoming flight. But once you pull it off, you can build on the top layer, climb on top of buildings, and even enter the ocean! You can see this glitch in action by watching the video below.

A new Animal Crossing glitch

How it works

This new Animal Crossing glitch can be done in a few simple steps. Place a bench directly against whatever you want to clip through, then pull it back once. Place a grabbable object nearby, then sit down on the bench, and press A to reach out and grab the object. While you’re holding A, have a friend fly in to visit your Animal Crossing island, and you should click into the bench you were sitting on. Now simply walk through the object you wish to clip through (or on top of), and watch the magic happen!

There are some limitations on what you can do in certain “out of bounds” areas, and you’ll look pretty crazy on your visiting friends’ screen. But you’ll also be free to explore like never before, and even build to new heights on that top layer! This glitch works as of Version 1.2.0a. Whether or not Nintendo patches it out remains to be seen.


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