Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear

Animal Crossing and Build-a-Bear are two of the most adorable brands around, so we’ve been intrigued ever since a crossover was hinted at last year. Today, the news we’ve all been waiting for finally came! An official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-a-Bear collection was just confirmed, and it launches tomorrow. Nintendo of America dropped the news this afternoon on its official Twitter account, and a few more details were revealed on the official website.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-a-Bear collection

Build-a-Bear has previously teamed up with Nintendo partner The Pokémon Company to create plushies for Alolan Vulpix, Snorlax, Eevee, and more. Now they’ll be working with Nintendo proper, and Animal Crossing is a perfect fit. New Horizons has over 400 animal friends to choose from, and each one is someone’s favorite. Which ones will make it into this collection? My money’s on Isabelle as a safe bet, but so far we don’t have any confirmation. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the full details.

The official website features a peaceful shot of an island with apple, peach, cherry, and pear trees. It teases that fans should “Get ready to create and customize with our new Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection!” You can also sign up for the Build-a-Bear email list to get updates, including an alert the moment the collection becomes available to purchase.

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